The highest paid athletes in the world according to Forbes

The highest paid athletes in the world according to Forbes

Annually the Forbes magazine makes rating hundreds of the highest paid athletes of the planet. Salary, bonus payments, bonuses and also advertizing revenues for the last 12 months are taken into account.

The last rating of the version of the magazine is headed by the 35-year-old American boxer Floyd Meyvezer. For reporting year one of the best professionals of the present came to the ring only two times, spent on it less than two hours and earned for these fights 40 and 45 million dollars respectively.

The second grinding of rating his colleague – the Philippine boxer, the speaker in welterweight occupied, Manny Pacquiao. Despite loss of the title of the world champion according to WBO, it earned 62 million dollars. It received six of them thanks to advertizing cooperation with Hennessy, Nike and Hewlett-Packard.

The legendary golfer Tiger Woods heading this Forbes rating the last ten years this time went down from the Olympus to the third position. He earned 60 million dollars, and it is 16 million less, than the previous year. In so many according to experts the charges of adultery which became the public domain cost him. Their customs are that – many sponsors refused cooperation with Woods after family scandal. To the fourth line of rating the turn reached NBA. The forward of the Miami Heat team Lebron James earned 53 million dollars. Only three hundred thousand less the tennis player from Switzerland Roger Federer received. And the most part of its income, about 30 million dollars, developed thanks to cooperation with nine advertizing sponsors. Also got to ten: the basketball player of Los Angeles Lakers Cobi Bryant, one more American golfer Phil Mickelson, two football players – midfielders from Los Angeles Galaxy David Beckham and the Madrid Real of Cristiano Ronaldo. The representative of American football – kvoterbek the Indianapolis Kolts teams Peyton Manning closed the list. The richest sportswoman of the world – the tennis-player Maria Sharapova. She earned nearly 28 million and settled down on the 26th line of rating. In total the first hundred received about 2 billion 600 million dollars in the year.

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