The set of exercises for beginners to practice the rajah yoga

The set of exercises for beginners to practice the rajah yoga

The rajah of the yogi – one of the main ways of yoga. Its basis – work with reason of the person. If you wanted to be engaged in practicians long ago, then will be able to make it practically at any age.

Practice of this way of yoga assumes eight steps or levels, and it is only possible to pass to each following when previous is completely mastered. Naturally, for the beginner of exercise will be the simplest – the step the Hole. Practice consists in refusal of bad acts, restriction of. Directed to fight against greed, laziness and other defects. Gradually, passing all steps, you will reach the fifth – direct work with reason begins here.

The rajah of the yogi assumes restriction of himself, refusal of bad acts and words, that is is completely directed to creation of "the clean person".

Exercises in yoga are called asanas. They are similar in fact and technology of performance to Buddhist pranayama, include corporal exercises and respiratory practice. It is considered that in the past the system of yoga was much more difficult, however knowledge by our time is partially lost. Actually, the rajah of the yogi treats the final step of knowledge of the person. The one who passed this way possesses understanding of the world and skills of the deep analysis of and others. Of course, the body of Raj of yoga are meditations, but it doesn't mean that in it asanas aren't used. The first step on the way of spiritual development – training in special practicians of mind and to meditative techniques.

Each exercise the rajah of yoga represents the peculiar reconsideration of the world and the analysis of himself.

The yoga is simple for understanding, the beginner should comprehend himself and to exempt mind from excess thoughts. The first exercise is spent in the maximum comfort, in silence at home. Relax and focus attention in yourself. Gradually slow down the movement of thoughts, try to perceive each thought and to stop it. Ideally there will be no thought left at all. In practice of yoga it is considered that control of own thoughts – one of ways of influence on unconscious. The following exercise – concentration. When you learn to control thoughts, comes it is time to cause positive thoughts and to think of important things, but not of those which come by itself. Sadhan has to get rid of unnecessary memory and associations, he subordinates the thought to himself, and not vice versa. The one who will comprehend this technique doesn't need control of the body. No surrounding influences will influence him, including – heat or cold. Such person can be called the lord of own consciousness. The third exercise for practicing the rajah-yogi is the meditation. Beginners best of all suit the dza-zen, but it not the absolute rule. For example, the master can point to absolutely other technique. In the simplest option – straighten the back and sit down in the lotus pose if you can. Hands put the space mudra. Practicing gradually gets off the mind, monitors breath and plunges into the breath and the exhalation. Communication with reality gradually weakens, meditating doesn't remember time and forgets itself. Practice of meditation – one of main in yoga. With its help it is possible to achieve top of comprehension of and acceptance immortal "I".

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