Useless exercises in gym

Useless exercises in gym

consider exercises in gym for a female which really do not give almost any changes and in general, are waste of time. And so, went.

  • The first exercise is a cultivation and the data of legs on the special exercise machine. Like, swing various surfaces of the hips, in a different way you will not pump up them. The next nonsense which is thought up by modern illiterate trainers is better to be engaged in squats which will really strengthen muscles of your legs. And here is how correctly got to – it individual approach which will be explained to you by your trainer if he is rather skilled and clever is necessary.
  • Pumping of a side press with dumbbells here and there. In this option you will have very narrow waist, and it will appear very quickly. Only this exercise approaches more a male, than girls. At the last the waist will increase, but will not be gone in the necessary proportions. Therefore be accurate when approaching to such exercise.
  • Hoop – one more myth for receiving a narrow waist. The most interesting that in use there were special hoops in which there are plastic or rubber balls which will help at combustion of hypodermic fat cellulose. The effect is available! - various advertizing shout. Only I pound actually very little.
  • Swing a press to the maximum, stopping only at the valid decline of the seventh sweat. One more myth, muscles of a stomach are the same muscles, as well as any other. Swing a press three times a week on several approaches of 20-25 times for a campaign. Also do not forget about opinion that just to gather in a stomach and to pump up a press at once it will not turn out if there are other zones of fat deposits.
  • Strongly to lose weight and pump up a press, it is necessary just to conduct excessive cardiotrainings with a rigid diet and the effect will be available! Alas, it turned out that such method leads to what an organism begins to accumulate finally fat stocks which it will be necessary to remove the next time.

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