We are engaged in water aerobics

We are engaged in water aerobics

The water aerobics (hydroaerobics) is the complex of physical exercises which are performed in water. Classes water aerobics are in the pool, is frequent with music.

As classes water aerobics are

Occupation under the leadership of the coach takes place within 40-60 minutes. Level of depth of water in which exercises are performed varies from small ("on the belt") to deep ("up to the neck"). Therefore even those who aren't able to swim can be engaged in water.

Of course, it is possible to make exercises and with the bigger depth (to 2 meters). In this case coordination of movements especially well develops as to have to keep balance.

During the training, water dumbbells, big balls, special gloves for increase in resistance to water, rubber flippers, water exercise machines are used.

The set of exercises for water aerobics assumes load of all groups of muscles. Occupations in water can be combined with preliminary trainings in the hall or near the pool. This type of fitness is called the aquaforming.

Who suits occupations water aerobics

The water aerobics has no age restrictions, it suits people with various physical training. Occupations in water are useful at diseases of the backbone and joints, nervous stresses. There are special complexes for pregnant women and the feeding women and also people with the weakened health. If you are disturbed by cellulitis, then the water aerobics will help you with fight against this unpleasant phenomenon. Water in the course of performance of physical exercises well masses the body, so, after the certain cycle of occupations "orange-peel" considerably will decrease or will disappear forever.

Occupations water aerobics are good the fact that, despite the high exercise stress, you won't suffer from sweating.

The physical education in water is the faithful assistant for those who dream to lose weight. In each hour of the training you will burn from 450 to 700 kilocalories. Being engaged, you will achieve result necessary to you, deriving pleasure from the process. Water has property to take off effects of body weight, loading during exercises is evenly distributed on all body, risk to get the trauma or stretching much below, than during the occupations on the land.

To whom the aerobics is contraindicated

Despite high efficiency and low injury risk, occupations water aerobics have some contraindications. The people who had heart attack and also that who has tendency to convulsive attacks can't be engaged in water. Having bronchial asthma it is necessary to consult to the attending physician, usually they can be engaged in pools with the small depth.

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