What is the pretraining complex

What is the pretraining complex

The pretraining complex is the type of sports food which is used in strength sports: bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting. Since emergence of this additive in the market, its popularity steadily grows thanks to those results which it brings to athletes.

Pretraining complexes include the set of components, usually more than ten which make various impact on the organism. Their most part is designed to prepare and adjust the athlete on the training. Most often in structure it is possible to meet the following substances: creatine, caffeine, arginine, BCAA, taurine and also various vitamins and mineral substances.

Often pretraining complexes contain various transport systems improving and accelerating delivery of creatine to muscles. They are usually allocated in group of creatines with the transport system. Pretraining complexes increase endurance, mental concentration, the pamping (rush of blood to muscles improves), increase force and effectiveness and also have some anabolic effect. Thanks to it the person can be engaged longer and more qualitatively, and his muscles will quicker grow. It is necessary to use the pretraining complex in 15-20 minutes before the training, it is desirable on the hungry stomach, i.e. approximately in the hour after the meal. In the days free from occupations, use of this additive is inexpedient, it is better to receive usual creatine.

The pretraining complex has also several contraindications. It isn't recommended to be used to people with cardiovascular diseases, the elevated pressure suffering from the renal failure. As well as any other sports food, pretraining complexes should begin to be received from the half of the recommended single dose to make sure of normal reaction of the organism. Then the dosage can be increased gradually, but it shouldn't be more specified by the producer at all. Otherwise additive can cause side effects: elevated pressure, nausea, weakness, insomnia. Application of the pretraining complex can improve considerably the athlete's indicators, improve the spirit for trainings. Thanks to it occupations will take place with the maximum devotion, so and the result won't keep itself waiting.

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