What kicks are in boxing

What kicks are in boxing

From outside it seems that in boxing there is the set of different kicks. Actually they are divided into only three views: side, straight lines and uppercuts. Each of these kicks can be put with both hands in the head or on the case and also have various intensity and force.

1. According to the estimates of supernumeraries the direct strike is the most popular in boxing. It is divided into two options: zhdeb, or attack by the front hand, and attack by the back hand. The main task of the zhdeb is the investigation. Such kick doesn't belong to strong, however allows to distinguish movements and intentions of the opponent then to define in them weak points. Jeb is the fastest kick and at the same time the shortest. Besides, this kick allows to hold the opponent at the distance. The attacks by the front hand are applied to the opponent's disorientation by the instant bothering kicks. Jeb boxers-tempoviki, boxers of the combined type and fighters who stake on the high-speed attacks like to use. The attack by the back hand considerably surpasses Jeb in force, has considerably the big curve of flight of the hand, but has no such high speed. Such type of the attacks is the main weapon of the boxers-nokauterov staking on the powerful and getting kicks. Kicks by the back hand well work together with other kicks. As a rule — with Jeb or feints by the front hand.

2. Side kicks are divided into two main subspecies: the swing which is put with the front hand, and Hook put with the back hand. As well as Jeb, the swing is put with the front hand, however considerably exceeds it on force. It is extremely artful kick. Side kick by the front hand has the long curve, but at the same time it is rather fast. The boxers using the counterattacking style of conducting fight like to apply it. The swing is effective as single kick as its main function is the attack in reply. Its application is extremely appropriate if the fighter manages to catch the opponent on the anticourse. The most hard shot in boxing is Hook. Its speed considerably concedes to other types of attacking returns. However this shortcoming is with interest compensated by significant force. The main task of the long attacking return is to send the opponent to the ring scaffold, thereby having ahead of schedule completed fight. Hook is effective only in the combination with other kicks.

3. The uppercut, just as side and direct kicks, is subdivided into two views — classical and long. The first is put at the short distance with the front hand, long is put at the average and long range with the back hand. Speed and length of the curve of the uppercut is approximately comparable to the swing, and its force and efficiency concede only to Hook.

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