What sport the most injury-causing

What sport the most injury-causing

It is good to play sports, of course, but it conceals in itself(himself) the set of dangers. Not only athletes and their coaches, but also doctors know about it. There is the whole set of various sports, but some them them are the most injury-causing.

It is considered that artistic gymnastics, the parkour and acrobatics are the most injury-causing sports. The parkour is the new street sport which isn't safe at all. There is practically no parkurist which wouldn't be traumatized varying severity in connection with the activity. The main mass of the young people doing this sport has the large number of damages as they don't make secure and neglect all security measures (jump from the house on the house, on walls and the handrail and also other venues which aren't intended for this purpose).

In these conditions it is possible to get practically any trauma. The most widespread tpovrezhdeniye in parkour - fractures of hands, legs and clavicle, knees and shin at jumps, run and also the luchezapyastny joint at the wrong support. Sometimes it isn't possible to jump over the desirable obstacle because of what injuries of shins are frequent and also stretchings and even ruptures of sinews (at the same time surgical intervention is required).

At acrobatics and jumps from height injuries of heels at unsuccessful landing meet most often. For prevention of these damages it is necessary to use qualitative footwear and also to train technology of landing. Nevertheless craniocereberal injuries and spine injuries are considered as the most dangerous. The artistic gymnastics and acrobatics is traditional sports. At the same time athletes are engaged in well equipped gym halls that allows to reduce considerably quantity traumatized. But all the same these sports are the most injury-causing that is only cost by trainings till fourteen o'clock in day and also retirement on disability at twenty-year age. Rare lucky continue career up to 25 years and more. Athletes are threatened by ruptures of tendinous and muscle tissues, difficult bone fractures and also chronic diseases of nervous system and heart. For the last 45 years only in one medical institution more than 16000 athletes, the part of whom – winners of the European championships and the world, prize-winners of the Olympic Games, were operated.

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