What to do if muscles after the training hurt?

What to do if muscles after the training hurt?

Many beginners who for the first time visit the gym after the training feel pains of various force. Some feel only muscular pain, others, at any injuries, can feel the severe pains connected with stretchings or even fractures. Today we will understand why muscles after the training hurt, we will teach you to distinguish normal muscular pain from pain which arises at injuries. Let's talk about preparation of a body before carrying out exercises.

It is a little theory

Answering a question what to do when muscles after the training hurt, it is worth beginning with the theory.

The fact is that the muscular pain arising after any physical activities can be connected both with a trauma, and with certain loadings which lead to microruptures of muscle tissue and forcing of lactic acid.

To discuss the pains connected with injuries we will not be yet as only violations of the technology of performance of exercise or revaluation of own opportunities lead to similar outcomes. And here normal muscular pain which arises practically after any training is what needs to be discussed.

Let's begin with lactic acid which is emitted in the course of muscle work, causes burning and the mild pricking pain. There is this acid in the course of disintegration of glucose which is used by muscle tissue as fuel. Thus, the more molecules of glucose broke up in the course of loading, the lactic acid will be emitted more.

The lactate is not any poison for our organism, and even on the contrary, stimulates a hypertrophy of muscle tissue (painful growth). We draw a conclusion that the longer the training lasts and, respectively, our muscles work longer, the lactic acid which, reducing acidity level in muscles, causes burning is emitted more.

Pay attention that lactic acid is very quickly removed from an organism (within several hours) therefore the lactate does not cause long pain which lasts several days.

Whether you know? Lactic acid in the food industry is used as E270 preservative.

And here microgaps in muscles can cause long long pain which you can feel for several days. Probably, each athlete at least once thought of how muscles grow. In fact, muscle tissue grows also without any loadings till a certain moment as any given group of muscles is responsible for any movement. However, to receive a beautiful body as at Arnold, sitting on a sofa, it is impossible therefore we go to the hall, in hope to receive muscle bulk.

In the course of the training we strain muscles then on them microgaps are formed (you should not confuse with a usual rupture of muscle tissue). Our organism adapts to loadings which we receive, and quickly patches these gaps, increasing additional fabrics. In recovery time there is also a growth of muscles, but not during performance of exercises as many beginning athletes consider.

As for the pains caused by a trauma, they do not bear any advantage to our organism. Such pains can be distinguished on their sharpness, force and duration. The normal muscular pain caused by microgaps causes a feeling as if something pulls together your muscles, and pain from a trauma has the center, touching which you feel a swelling and strengthening of pain.

In more detail we will talk about each type of muscular pain further.

Types of muscular pain and reason of their emergence

Let's discuss types of pains in muscles after the trainings, we learn what to do in case of traumatizing.

Right after the training

Knowing that in the course of muscle work the lactate is allocated, we can tell surely that right after the training we will feel burning and pain from the produced lactic acid. Also burning arises during performance of limit repetition, that is when you work through I cannot. Pain after the training very quickly passes as our organism does not doze and tries to remove excessive lactic acid quicker.

As for microgaps, they have an effect not at once therefore you will not feel pain from the torn fibers.

Such system allows us to reveal at once any injuries of muscles or ligaments which can arise after the training. That is, if besides tightening and burning in muscles, you feel severe dot pain which holds down the movement, so you were traumatized.

It is important! If you have a low pain threshold, then and usual burning can be felt as a trauma symptom. Therefore you should not address to emergency station before emergence of characteristic swellings or blue discoloration of an integument.


If you are hurt by legs in 2-3 days after the training, then it means that you feel the late pain, and it is not necessary to do you hasty conclusions that by you it was traumatized.

After your body got rid of surplus of a lactate, remind your muscles which received loading during the last training of mikrorrazryva. Anyway, and any rupture of fabric causes pain even if these anguishes microscopic. In the course of restoration as it was told above, there is a building of fibers which block the damaged places.

Important! The inflammation caused by anguishes is not connected with pathogenic microorganisms in any way even if during the training you damaged an integument.

You should not be afraid of such pain as it is felt both beginners, and pros. It is impossible to build a muscle, without having torn it.

It should be noted that the late muscle pain at people who do bodybuilding long ago passes in 1-1.5 days that is connected with accustoming of an organism to loadings.

Pain from a trauma

If it seems to you that you were traumatized, then stop carrying out exercise and analyze the actions. To be injured as it was told above, it is possible only in case of non-compliance with safety measures and rules of performance of exercise or if you decided to take too big weight.

Any trauma has to have the center. That is, if you injured a leg, then pain at you will proceed from a certain point in which there was an anguish or strong damage. The same treats any other part of a body.

The injured muscle will be held down in movements as the strong anguish will not allow fabrics to be reduced in a habitual rhythm. Therefore in attempt to execute the movement which involves the damaged fibers you will feel sharp severe pain which will not allow you not that to continue a training, and to carry out protozoa the movement on bending or extension (touches the injured extremities).

How to prevent pain?

Body builders with experience know how to prevent pain after the training, or at least to reduce its intensity. Further we will paint the instruction, following which you not only will be able to get rid of some unpleasant feelings, but also will increase efficiency of occupation.

Time of trainings

Each skilled bodybuilder knows that not only the result, but also restoration duration depends on time of a training.

Let's make small retreat, and talk about why there is no sense in the tightened training. The fact is that at the beginning of the occupation at you testosterone (men's hormone) which positively influences growth of muscles, however, after a while begins to be produced, its level falls and there is a release of other hormone — cortisol which has extremely negative effect on growth of fibers. That is, the tightened training, even at the chemical level, has negative effect on the end result.

Whether you know? The strongest muscle in a human body maxillary. The maximum force of its compression can reach 390 kg.

As for our muscles and sheaves, they are also not iron. A large number of microtears do not bring benefit, and even on the contrary, slow down growth of muscle bulk, causing long and very painful restoration.

For this reason of the pro say that optimum time of a training, including breaks between approaches — 40-50 minutes.


Answering a question why after the training muscles hurt whether it is connected with the wrong program, and whether it is possible to be engaged further, it is worth remembering warm-up which is done without fail before each training.

Warm-up has to be done about 10-15 minutes, affect all main muscles which will be involved in process of work with iron.

All remember that the physical education class at school surely began with warm-up which could occupy a third of all time. In the course of warm-up, movements which helped to warm muscles of legs, hands, a back and a stomach were carried out.

In fact, warm-up before a training can be compared to warming up of the car in frosty days. If you do not spend time for warming up, then shortly will go to solve a problem in HUNDRED. Our organism not the car therefore it is impossible to test it for durability at all, differently in the first day pull sheaves or sinews that will turn back to you week restoration at best.

Important! The broken-off sheaves are recovered several months.

Generalizing the aforesaid, we draw a conclusion that warm-up needs to be done before each training so that we warmed muscles, woke them, gave elasticity, necessary before a training.

Correct equipment

All depends on the correct technology of performance: effectiveness, growth of muscles, period of restoration and, of course, possibility of getting injured.

Importance of the technology of performance increases together with increase in scales. That is, if you broke the equipment, lifting 50 kg, then will be able to get off with small stretching, but if weight passed for one hundred, then the neglect technology of performance will pour out in a rupture of muscles, ligaments, various fractures of bone or a backbone.

If you carry out exercise as to you will take in head, then the effectiveness will fall many times, and the overload of certain muscles (most often — a backbone) will lead to long restoration.

Not to be injured and receive the maximum advantage before carrying out any given exercise, get acquainted with the detailed system of performance or consult to the professional/trainer.


If we carry out warm-up before holding occupation, then a hitch — after the training.

The hitch represents a set of exercises on an extension which help muscles to be restored quicker after classes with iron.

In the course of performance of various exercises of fiber contract to carry out the task — to lift weight. After the end of the last approach, the involved muscles still are in the stressful working condition, respectively, are ready to continuation of occupation. However we need to transfer them to a peculiar sleeping state.

That it became more clear what requires a hitch, we will give an example from the same physical education class. After the cross-country on several kilometers the experienced PE teacher will not allow you to sit down at once on a shop as your heart and muscles not can lower turns at the moment, therefore, you need to resemble several minutes, to stretch.

Such actions give a signal to all systems that loadings will not be any more and, therefore, it is necessary to take care of removal of all products of disintegration which were allocated in the course of loading and also about restoration of the torn muscle tissue.

Thus it turns out that the hitch after the end of occupation helps to calm our muscles, to direct all forces to their early recovery. For this reason we recommends to carry out a hitch that the damaged fibers were restored quicker and, therefore, delayed onset muscle soreness was felt smaller amount of time.

How to restore an organism

If you are strongly hurt by muscles after the training, and you do not know what to do in that case whether it is possible to lower pain in house conditions, we will tell about procedures and food which will promote the early recovery.

The first that should be made after visit of the gym — to descend in a shower. You need not just to flop to the hot bathroom, and to become under a contrast shower which will strengthen a blood-groove, promoting removal of products of disintegration.

If you are not sure of the immune system, then do as follows: every minute alternate hot water to slightly warm. Ideally it is necessary to alternate hot water to cold, however such strong temperature drop can cause cold therefore you should not go to extremes at once.

After a shower it is expedient to descend on massage. Such procedure not only will bring you pleasure, but also will promote the early recovery of fabrics. If you have no time to go for massage, you can massage tight muscles. It is worth doing it slowly and without strong pressings.

Many bodybuilders use aspirin familiar to all which removes inflammation and, at the same time, is not steroid. This medicine dilutes blood, accelerating a blood-groove. However if you have bad blood clotting, then it is worth refusing intake of similar medicines. Healthy nutrition. In order that your muscles were recovered, they need construction material — protein. For this reason the athletes try to eat a large number of proteinaceous food together with complex carbohydrates (various porridges).

The organism can spend protein not as it is necessary — to split it for obtaining energy, but not for restoration of fabrics. For this reason squirrels use together with complex carbohydrates which are used for obtaining necessary energy.

Whether you know? It is no secret that heart is the most hardy muscle in an organism, however very few people know that its average term of work 100 years.

Dream. In the course of a dream there takes place complete recovery of nervous system and muscles therefore the rate of regeneration of fabrics depends on its duration. The optimum duration of night sleep — 8 hours. At the same time you have to take the most useful hours over which there is a production of hormone of growth — melatonin.

Whether it is possible to be engaged at pains?

At once It is necessary to tell that we will discuss normal muscular pain, delayed onset muscle soreness, but not painful feelings which are caused by a trauma.

Depending on the training purpose, the answer will be affirmative or negative. If your purpose — combustion of fat, then a training has to be carried out. Also you should not skip class if you train for keeping fit and, at the same time, you do not lift big scales.

It is unambiguous to tell yes or no only you can, estimating the condition. However it is worth specifying that if muscles hurt – means, they were not recovered, therefore, loading them repeatedly, you slow down process of regeneration and a set of muscle bulk.

Correctly made schedule of trainings means that the group of muscles involved on the last occupation has to be recovered about 4-5 days. That is, you need to have 2 systems, each of which involves a certain group of muscles, but they should not repeat. For example, if in the first option assumes exercises which involve muscles of legs, then the second option has to exclude them. Thus we draw a conclusion that it is possible to be engaged at pains when you do not strain not restored fabrics. If process of restoration was dragged out, and according to the plan there is a training which cannot be missed, then it is the best of all to lower assumed nagr

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team