Whether it is necessary to run in the morning

Whether it is necessary to run in the morning

That who seeks to conduct correct and the healthy lifestyle, quite often it is necessary to find time for sports activities in the intense operating schedule. One of the best and easiest ways to keep sportswear – occupations run. The beginning runners often have the question: what time of day is the most preferable to similar trainings? Whether it is obligatory to give classes in the morning?

When it is the best of all to be engaged in run?

Question of when to be engaged in run, in the morning or in the evening, the person solves, proceeding from the preferences and the habitual daily routine. People begin the usual day differently. Some like to cheer up the cup of fragrant coffee, others try to do morning exercises right after awakening and do easy jog.

Opponents of run sometimes put forward in the mornings as the argument the fact that after awakening the organism didn't manage to be adjusted properly on the exercise stress yet and simply didn't wake up. In this case morning run, they consider, it is harmful and becomes the source of the additional stress.

Supporters of similar opinion or at all refuse physical activity, or make jog in the evening.

Experienced runners, in turn, consider that morning jogging is capable to bring the organism out of somnolence, to load with energy and to give forces so necessary for the person during the working day. Vigorous jog after awakening gives the chance to raise the tone and to prevent approach of fatigue which otherwise can pull hard on the person by lunch o'clock.

Recommendations for the beginning runners

Today any educated person will agree that run brings health and well acts on function of the organism. But at the same time it must be kept in mindit must be kept in mind that each organism is individual, as well as its ability to adapt to loadings. Also biological rhythms of people can be various. To make the correct decision on jog time, it is necessary to consider also the level of the health and age. Consultation at the experienced doctor will help to decide on the mode of running trainings. It is simpler to expert to estimate objectively your level of readiness and to reveal possible contraindications. It can turn out that the condition of your organism in general is incompatible neither with morning, nor with evening jogs.

It is recommended to refuse run in the mornings when you don't get enough sleep, you test the febricula or you have symptoms of the catarrhal disease.

If you choose run in the mornings, try to start occupations with rise not at once from the bed but only after ten-minute warm-up. Perform several exercises on flexibility and breath. Stretch joints, warm muscles of legs. It is the best of all to perform such exercises not in the stuffy room, and in the fresh air. You aspire to that between the end of jog and the breakfast there was at least the half-hour break. This time can be used for hydrotherapeutic and hygienic procedures, arrangement of and the dwelling. It is important that by the breakfast all functions of the organism returned to normal, breath and heartbeat was restored. Only in this case morning run will be to you on advantage.

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