Why it is worth beginning to practice yoga?

Why it is worth beginning to practice yoga?

If you never practiced yoga, begin as soon as possible. Active actions perfectly affect all organism.


1. The bearing improves. The malposture leads to problems with joints of the back and muscles and also cervical department.

2. Periodic occupations force heart to work in the aerobic mode thanks to what there passes the depression and the risk of developing of the heart attack decreases.

3. There is the flexibility therefore various painful symptoms disappear, the body becomes obedient.

4. Yoga – fine warm-up for joints. During the movement the articulate cartilage as if the sponge, absorbs in itself nutrients.

5. Yoga – the excellent diet for vertebras. It plays the role of shock-absorbers and defends vertebras in external damages.

6. It promotes elasticity of muscles and strengthening of bones.

7. There is the feeling of harmony of the body.

8. Yogis breathe more slowly and more deeply. This type of breath is very effective and has the weakening effect on the organism.

9. Regular jobs by yoga burn excess calories.

10. Levels of stresses, alarms, experiences and psychological state of the person decrease.

11. Exempts from fear, offense, the mind calms, saves from the sclerosis, eczema and the hypertension.

12. Reduces painful symptoms at arthritis, reduces the need for the use of drugs, increases mood.

13. Holds internal balance at the level, saves from irritability.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team