Dead Sea

Dead Sea


Unique curative properties of the Dead Sea were known and described in antique times. The Roman scientist Galen wrote: Minerals and dirt of the Dead Sea have healing power and well are suitable for healing of wounds. And the ancient Roman historian Iosif Flavy noticed that salt of the Dead Sea was used ... for the medical purposes, podmeshenny to many drugs. The Romans famous for the passion for baths built balnearies, applying waters of the Dead Sea and mineral sources of this area. Then, in ancient times, water of the Dead Sea was appreciated more expensively than silver because of the curative qualities. The queen Verkhnego and the Lower Egypt, the divine Cleopatra who was considered as the most beautiful woman in the world ordered to construct pharmaceutical and cosmetic factories near the Dead Sea. And, probably, ever since inhabitants of this unique area became the true experts in production of spirits, cosmetic oils and drugs.


[br/] Unique waters

The Dead Sea is a good source of the salts and minerals used in medicine and cosmetics. Their medical force is connected with a natural combination and high concentrations of sulfate of magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromides and other electrolytes. In the Dead Sea almost in 40 times more potassium, than in the Atlantic Ocean, in 35 times more magnesium, by 42 times - calcium, by 80 times – bromine. Ions of these elements are present at structure of a lymph and plasma of blood, their stocks need to be filled up from time to time. Minerals increase the level of humidity of skin, promote elasticity, strengthen cell membranes - thus, skin is reliably protected from loss of moisture and an adverse effect of the environment. Each mineral has the task for maintenance of good condition of our organism. We receive them from food and water, but with age their quantity decreases. That is why it is so important that the person received minerals from external sources for strengthening and improvement of exchange processes.

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Curative salts

The Dead Sea cardinally differs from other seas and oceans not only in the content of minerals, but also their structure and a ratio. Usually 77% of all salts in sea water are the share of table salt - sodium chloride, and in the Dead Sea its no more than 30%, but much more useful to health chloride and bromide of magnesium are made by 50%. Potash salts are absolutely besieged here at evaporation - it is not possible to crystallize them from other seas. [br/] [br/] Force of nature

In waters of the Dead Sea there are about 50 billion tons of minerals of 21 look, and to a zavsa time of its existence nay day the sedimentary layer more than 100 meters thick collected. The Dead Sea is replenished with waters of the Jordan River and the mineral sources reminding on the structure Évian and Carlsbad. As the hollow of the Dead Sea is in the area of mountains, the evaporations rising from its surface sated with curative elements do not vanish anywhere, and remain in this hollow and napityvat themselves hot air of the desert with its 330 sunny days in a year. A unique set of the microorganisms dissolved in water of the Dead Sea, total absence vrednykhkh microbes, natural curative properties of water and dirt are a natural medical complex.

[br/] Dirt of the Dead Sea

Dirt of the Dead Sea has not only cosmetic, but also therapeutic properties. Because of high efficiency at many diseases and new opportunities of use which constantly open before scientists treatment gryazyyuobret high popularity today. Therapeutic muds very often use for rehabilitation, recovery therapy and in the cosmetic purposes. The organism of the modern person differs in the increased reactivity, pharmaceutical medicines cause more and more collateral reactions therefore doctors and patients more often and more willingly address natural means and natural methods of treatment.


Dirt of the Dead Sea is regarded as silt, sulphidic, highly mineralized - 300 g/l (1 l of a peloid contains 300 g of active ingredients). Dirt has anti-inflammatory effect, reduces arterial blood pressure, relaxes muscles. During the mud procedures the microcirculation in skin and muscles amplifies. Dirt of the Dead Sea can be also used for removal of different types of pain. Dirt is capable to keep the necessary temperature for a long time, providing deep warming up of fabrics that is used for pain relief at inflammations of joints. Dirt is also known as universal remedy for fight against various skin diseases, such as psoriasis and eczema.

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