Gulf of islands

Gulf of islands

gulf of Islands is a bay of the impressive sizes with a huge number of small islands. All gulf is covered with amazing trees, bushes and other vegetation. This gulf is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The gulf received the name exactly thanks to one hundred islands along the coast.

The gulf of Islands is in 240 kilometers to the north of Auckland and informally is called the New Zealand French Polynesia for beauty of snow-white beaches, picturesqueness of landscapes and soft subtropical climate. In a form the gulf is similar to the typical fjord. Its width is about 16 km. In an internal part of the gulf there is a large number of bays. The gulf was found in 1769 by the English traveler James Cook. On the coast of the Gulf of Islands the first European colonists lodged in New Zealand.

The nature created surprising beauty a landscape here. The area of the Gulf of Islands is well-known for fine weather, gentle subtropical climate, snow-white plyazhamiya a heap of amazing islands. Thanks to these features this region attracts most of all tourists in New Zealand.

The gulf of Islands is very popular among yachtsmen and fans of water sports thanks to prekrasnymusloviya for diving and driving by boats. Fishermen feel here comfortably too, the set of species of fish is found in local waters.

Near the gulf there live many aboriginals — Maori. There are two towns: The Paykhia — the colourful and hospitable city on the southern coast of the Gulf of islands and the city of Rassell rich historical past — in three kilometers from it, from North side of the comfortable bay. The city of Rassell, earlier known as Kororareka, became the first constant the European settlement in New Zealand. These towns located on wonderful coast of the warm bay at the foot of the hills overgrown with the woods, do a landscape picturesque and very attractive to tourists.

The popularity of the Gulf of Islands among tourists is promoted by infinite sandy beaches and great service of local hotels, motels and restaurants with refined cuisine and vacation spots, exclusive on the beauty, for every taste.

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