Mariana chasm

Mariana chasm

deepest hollow in the world is the Mariana Trench which length is 10994 meters. There is it in the Pacific Ocean, between East Asia and Australia. Opened this unique miracle in far 1875 when by means of special lot on a corvette of Challenger established record underwater depth. Of course, at that time data were not absolutely exact because of technical difficulties – only 8184 meters then the expedition by the ship of the same name in 1951 by means of the sonic depth finder established new measurement – 10863 meters.

Last time took measurement of the deepest point of the earth who other as James Cameron, the director of the famous movies Titanic, Terminator, Avatar and other.

On March 26, 2012 on own bathyscaphe alone he went down to the deepest point of a trench – Challenger's Chasms where he spent several hours of shooting, took samples of soil and living organisms. All materials will be used in documentaries for NationalGeographic channel which is known for the scientific transfers. Cameron became the third person who could reach a bottom of the Mariana chasm.

The trench represents the V-shaped structure stretched along the Mariana Islands. The bottom represents the mountain area formed owing to joining of two tectonic plates – Pacific and Philippine.

It is interesting to note that in early years of a research of the Mariana chasm, many scientists and oceanologists did not represent what is available at the bottom of a trench whether there are living organisms there. The science inclined to lack of life as huge pressure cannot give the chance for its existence. One last researches showed that at the bottom of the hollow nevertheless there are living beings who adapted to this habitat.

Along with opinions of scientists, many literary writers put forward the theories, believing that at the bottom of the Mariana hollow many riddles of mankind can be hidden, beginning from the sunk Atlantis, finishing with prehistoric monsters, all this time disappearing from human eyes. One of striking examples – the work Artur Conan Doylya Marakotova a chasm where immersion of professor Marakot on a bottom of a deep-water chasm which the truth was in the Atlantic Ocean is described, but not in Silent where find the sunk Atlantis and get acquainted with their left culture.

The bottom of the Mariana Trench is formed about 200 million years ago.

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