The city in clouds"

The city in clouds"

of Machu Picchu was not found by the Spanish conquistadors who destroyed the Inca civilization. About three hundred years of Machu Picchu was the lost city, nobody knew about its existence. The fact that the city indeed exists became known only at the beginning of the 20th century. The city of Machu Picchu is highly in clouds. The name of the city means "the old mountain" means. When viewing the city from the plane it is visible that Machu Picchu is on almost flat plateau. Around it tops of the neighboring mountains tower.

On July 24, 1911 the American scientist Hayrem Bingham who looked for several years Machu Picchu found the ancient city covered with dense thickets at mountain top. Despite Bingeym's opening, remained Machu Picchu inaccessible nearly 30 more years. Until the archaeological expedition working here did not find Inkov Way paved through the valley to a citadel.

The city is located at ridge top at the height of 2057 meters over the valley of the river Urubamby in the territory of modern Peru. Still it is not clear why Inca needed to build the city in such place and at such height. The sizes of Machu Picchu very modest, at it there are no more than 200 constructions to which, temples, residences, warehouses, etc. generally belong. The majority of constructions is put from strong stone plates. It is considered that in the city there lived about 1200 people. Machu Picchu has very accurate structure. In the southeast there was a complex of palace constructions earlier to what the high quality of the stone used for constructions testifies.

The Temple of Three Windows was the main shrine of the city. Three windows reflect ideas of Inca of a world troichnost. Slightly above the temple the observatory and a stone of an interesting form which, most likely, was the sundial is located. Some buildings in Machu Picchu were had two floors. Stones in them were adjusted surprisingly precisely. Between stones gaps are specially left. It became for bigger stability during earthquakes. At construction the Inca did not use either cement, or other fastening substances.

Today Machu-Pikchuyavlyaetsya center of mass tourism. Every day the city is visited by 2000 tourists. Despite inaccessibility of the area, it is possible to reach Machu Picchu by means of the railroad and the bus.

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