The city of Shenzhen is economic power of the modern People's Republic of China (China)

The city of Shenzhen is economic power of the modern People's Republic of China (China)

development of the industry and economy of China can be observed personally on streets and squares of Shenzhen lying in the delta of the Pearl river near the coast of the South China Sea in the southern Province of Guangdong. Many call this city Chinese Silicon Valley, and it obviously deserves the similar name, a fair part of production of electronics made both for internal consumption and for export to other countries is concentrated here. Many firms occupied in the sphere of high technologies have the headquarters in Shenzhen.

Features and differences of the city from other China can be observed already on an arrival. Business all that Shenzhen legally is considered the special economic zone and access is limited for most of the population there – as a rule, there freely pass businessmen, the staff of corporations, foreign experts. So, already at the airport it is possible to notice the taxi of different flowers – important to understand that some of them can drive in city boundaries whereas others have no such right, and others go to the next Hong Kong which also has a particular visa regime. Though for visit of Shenzhen to the foreigner will be quite usual visa of the People's Republic of China, but if you do not have it and you the sun and the beach is pleasant more, then to you then on French riviera of France.

The city will be hardly interesting to fans of history – business all that it was built only recently – some about thirty years ago. There are no historical museums, monuments and sights, there are also no traditional Chinese pagodas and temples so to fans of historic towns, it is better to tell Pyotr Iordnaskuyu. Before here the modest fishing small village, but now a picture absolutely other was located. Multy-storey skyscrapers do not concede to Manhattan at all, business buildings from glass are capable to argue with business centers of the London City, and luxury hotels promise to lodgers rest on the top class. However, to stop in Shenzhen, it is possible to find also quite budgetary option.

People, as a rule, go with the working purposes here – however if you appeared in China somewhere in these parts – for example, in Guangzhou – to visit the next Shenzhen in the presence of time will not be obvious superfluous. First of all, here great shopping. First of all it concerns electronics, and the choice of tablets, smartphones, laptops and other gadgets just blows the mind. Yes, the most part from the presented range – products of local firms, or clones imitating the known brands, however their cost is quite low, and the quality shows a tendency to increase in recent years. Therefore itself can quite buy electronics in one of large piers of the area Dong Meng – where the main trade is concentrated. There are also official dealers of the same Apple company and some other here – in a word, the choice of electronics really extremely rich here.

The same concerns also clothes. As a rule, local Chinese production, it costs not much, and during shopping it is possible to buy both jeans, and shirts, and warm clothes for the winter, and different types of footwear. Practically in each outlet it is not forbidden to bargain – in particular, in the open markets. Certainly, in official shops with the fixed prices this way it is not necessary to act well or go to Ukraine, on Sorochinsk Fairs.

Jewelry from pearls which are got and processed here will be interesting to women. Various necklaces, earrings, rings and other products are on sale here in large numbers, and, undoubtedly, are capable to please each woman. The prices of them vary but, in general, they are quite acceptable for any.

Closer to approach of evening on city streets just pleasantly to walk. Everywhere there is an illumination, the shining signs, advertizing, color illuminations. Along streets the palm trees and other exotic plants growing in this climate are planted. It is possible to curtail and have supper in one of cafe with traditional Chinese cuisine, and local dishes mean use of a large number of fish and seafood – baskets with live crabs, are exposed by lobsters and mollusks directly before institutions. Others are faced by huge clay pots in human growth – in them cook soups, spilling then in the portions. In general, here it is possible to try the dishes characteristic of all China, and the same Peking Duck in Shenzhen will not be worse at all, than in the capital of the People's Republic of China.

Near the city the amazing amusement park suitable both for children, and for adults is located. In it all China in a miniature is presented, the corners characteristic of Central China, Tibet, the region of SUAR, the Chinese Mongolia are shown. It is known that the Chinese nation consists of different nationalities, both features and the culture of each of them in general can significantly differ. Here, in the park, you will be able to see representatives of each of these nationalities dressed in the national suits, to attend folklore representations, to listen to songs and to look at dances. Here it is possible to have a bite and get souvenirs for the memory of visit of this place.

However has Shenzhen and a reverse side of the card – someone had to build all this magnificence and further serve. So, against the background of magnificent skyscrapers there are here typical Chinese slums where lodges are put from improvised materials, and directly on sidewalks there is a brisk trade in consumer goods and inexpensive food. However, fans of similar exotic can also make walk in this respect of Shenzhen, try noodles on two yuans in a portion from a tray of the street dealer, drink tea in an inexpensive institution. About a criminogenic situation it is possible not to be afraid – streets in general are well patrolled by police, and at most what it is possible to be afraid of, it is the overestimated account in shop or small pocket theft – more serious crimes meet extremely seldom here. For those who within one trip will decide to visit two cities it is possible to recommend to use the ferry and to reach the next Hong Kong – the truth, it is necessary to issue the separate visa as similar means the local legislation. For the rest, will be to spend several days in Shenzhen and it is pleasant, and it is useful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team